Electronic Control System

The control system includes stacker crane, shuttle, conveying equipment, palletizer & depalletizer, AGV and so on. It is the control core of the entire automated warehouse system . It connects the dispatching computer to the logistics system, receive the delivery instructions from the material, connects the equipment to the bottom of the conveying system, which realize the bottom conveying equipment driving, material inspection and identification.
Through touch screen or key switch to achieve online, local and manual three level control. The system has very strong extensibility and compatibility, independent network design and the structure of "distributed control and centralized management" by industrial Ethernet and field-bus technology.
Using the OPC protocol to communicate with WMS and ECS, the RPOF IBUS field bus network formed by SIEMENS S7-300 controller is used to realize the graphical management of the equipment, integrate the video monitoring system, monitor the global running situation in real time, dynamically display the state of the equipment, the position, the fault alarm and so on, and provide the manual intervention function. Send the mobile terminal alarm service. To realize management task decomposition and path optimization, through PROFINET Industrial Ethernet to the equipment control system, and receive the completion or alarm information of the control equipment to the logistics management system, it can dispatch all the conveying equipment, complete the automatic delivery of material, and realize the business process, logistics and letter of the enterprise in the offline state. The flow of interest flows smoothly and harmonize with each other.
The control system involves network technology, database technology, radio frequency technology, visual recognition technology, radio communication technology, infrared technology, laser positioning technology, industrial control unit technology and so on. The hardware adopts advanced international servo control system and absolute address system to carry out full closed loop control, with higher operation precision and control range. A reliable and stable modular design is adopted to greatly improve the efficiency of the staff.
The control system architecture diagram as bellowing: