HRD Automated Warehouse Operation & Maintenance Mechanism

Recently, HRD project department held the meeting of ASRS equipment operation & maintenace management mechanism.

The summary of project management formed by the meeting is as follows:

(Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management in Automated Warehouse)

In China, there is a saying:"If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools."

The purpose of equipment management is to keep all kinds of performance indicators in good condition, improve productivity and utilization rate, prolong service life and seek the most economical life cycle cost of equipment, pursue accident-free and high benefit, and ultimately win customer benefits by means of maintenance and improvement, in accordance with the inherent law of equipment and objective economic law.


When implementing automation equipment management, we are devoted to introduce advanced management concepts, improve equipment management standards, establish talent training mechanism, implement operation and maintenance system, and create more economic benefits for our customers.