Barcode medicine warehouse management WMS system

Industry overview

As a special commodity, medicine is related to people's life safety, and the industry has been in a stable, rapid and developing stage.After the great baptism of reform and opening up, this industry, which affects the national health, has integrated multidisciplinary knowledge with the application of advanced science and technology and means in the development of biopharmaceutical, chemical and traditional Chinese medicine.

As the core of pharmaceutical enterprises linking their own products and consumers, the importance of pharmaceutical logistics center is self-evident.The good management of medical warehousing directly affects the brand image, market expansion and share, and operation and management of the enterprise.Every pharmaceutical enterprise has the responsibility to do a good job in the quality and safety control of warehouse management, establish a rigorous and executable risk control system, clarify the supervision and execution system, and use scientific means for management, such as the establishment of barcode pharmaceutical WMS system.


Storage difficulties

As an industry related to people's life safety, the warehousing management of pharmaceutical industry is different from other industries because it is governed by GSP standard. It has more rigorous requirements than ordinary products from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of products.Traditional medicine warehouse management is more extensive, there are many problems:
1. Imperfect management systematic construction, warehousing logistics job functions and unclear,
2. Working process and standard is not clear, rewards and punishment dissent,
3. Inbound goods plan is not comprehensive, no order shipment,
4. There is no optimization in the storage of goods in the warehouse, and the working efficiency is low.
5. Unable to effectively grasp the inventory.
6. There is no professional modern medical WMS, and the use of scientific and technological information means is insufficient.



WMS system features

Information plays an extremely important role in medical warehouse management. Only by means of information can make the communication of execution actions, data and information in medical logistics center to be realized in a real-time, timely, efficient and controllable manner.Using leade technology breaks the traditional management concept and use supply chain collaborative thinking to specially develop WMS for pharmaceutical enterprises. The system pays more attention to optimization and efficiency improvement of error-prone parts in pharmaceutical warehouse management.
1. Standardized, clear and efficient execution of interfaces in the system and operation settings of receiving, accepting, putting on shelves, picking, packing, checking and collecting goods and releasing goods
2. The system attaches great attention to guiding the operators strictly check the customs, so as to ensure the accuracy of the inbound. The system instructs the inbound to be simple for the warehouse. In order to solve the problem of efficiency and accuracy, the bar code of the storage location can be scanned after the storage location is put on the shelf. In complex warehouses, the way of putting on the shelf and confirmation can be adopted.
3. The system focuses on improving the efficiency of picking goods, diversifying the ways of picking goods, and humanizing the means of picking goods. According to the ways of picking goods, indicating medium, the relationship between people and things, order processing and other ways, the system can deeply understand the needs of enterprises, and the WMS system is more flexible and personalized.
4. The system attaches great importance to the concept of supply chain coordination, with planned delivery and balanced delivery, coordinating upstream and downstream, and attaching great importance to the review work in the delivery;
5. The system provides various data reports, performance appraisal, piecework compensation and other statistical tools, integrating the new generation of management concepts, and giving consideration to the enterprise's own personality.


System value

Using barcode identification technology, WMS system can effectively solve the problems of packaging identification, , first-in first-out management, and traceability management of drugs. Meanwhile, WMS system has functions of storage management, drug disassembly and out of warehouse management, and single out warehouse management, helping enterprises to improve the comprehensive level of warehouse management.



Peter Lin