Beverage Industry Automated Storage Solutions

Consumers have become more knowledgeable about their drink choices, forcing manufacturers to continuously introduce new brands and flavors.  As the beverage industry continues to grow and generate more SKUs, manufacturers and distributors are struggling to find the necessary space for storing these products.

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) allows for better management of SKUs in a warehouse. The ability to accommodate for both slow and fast moving SKUs can be built into an AS/RS design. Integrating a warehouse management system (WMS) with the AS/RS, organizations have total control over their inventory, whether it is a slow-moving beverage for the winter months, or a drink that is popular all year round. Therefore, without having to worry about inventory and maximizing space, manufacturers and distributors can focus on more critical areas, like fulfilling orders.

Today, one of the most promising solutions for achieving a competitive advantage is warehouse automation technology.

--Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

--Warehouse Management Systems/Warehouse Control System (WMS/WCS)

--Case Packing and Handling Equipment

--Conveying Equipment

--Order Fulfillment Solutions

--Pallet Flow Systems