Characteristics and application range of gravity rack

As a special function rack, the gravity rack has the characteristics of dense storage as well as the automatic transfer of goods through the slide.

Gravity rack belongs to the storage rack pallet type storage rack, is one of the derivatives of crossbeam rack.Gravity rack adopts first-in, first-out storage mode, rack depth and floor number can be customized.It is suitable for the storage of less varieties and large quantities of similar goods with higher space utilization.It is to use the deadweight of goods basically, pass the track of specific inclined amplitude again, make goods moves from height to low place, complete the operation that stock in goods, store, send storehouse thereby.With conveyor body, management system, handling equipment can also achieve economic automatic three-dimensional storage.

The characteristics of gravity rack are mainly reflected in the storage mode. The goods are stored at the high end, and the goods are automatically slid to the low end and finally taken out from the low end.In the process of cargo sliding, a damper is set on the slide to control the sliding speed of cargo to keep within the safe range.

Gravity rack is very environmentally friendly, all use no power roller, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, can be full load action.Pallet operation follows the principle of first in, first out, automatic storage rotation, storage and picking two separate operations also greatly improve the output;At the same time, due to the cargo sliding by self-gravity, there is no operating channel, which can greatly reduce the number of forklifts while improving the space utilization rate.


Peter Lin