Compare the advantages and disadvantages of four kinds of storage rack

Drive-in rack

Advantages: Through shelf is the most widely used dense storage shelf, its cost is the lowest, simple structure, low maintenance cost, and can achieve a high storage rate, widely used in beverage, tobacco and other industries.

Technical difficulties and shortcomings: due to the lack of beam members on the structure, the structure stability of the drive-in shelf is difficult to control, the general height should not exceed 10 meters, otherwise the production cost of the shelf increases substantially, or cannot meet the daily safety use requirements.This type of shelf needs accurate calculation and reasonable material selection to ensure the safety of the shelf.

Gravity rack

Shelf advantage: the space utilization rate of gravity shelf is very high, which is very suitable for the uniform specifications and large quantities of goods.As the import and export are located on both sides of the shelf, they can be used for continuous material supply of production line in the workshop, as well as for temporary shipment storage of distribution center and replenishment system of forklift or stacker.

Technical difficulties and disadvantages: gravity shelf uses roller way to transport pallets, which requires high concentricity of roller and high quality of pallets. It is better to choose hardwood pallet, followed by plastic pallet. Otherwise, it is easy for pallets to get stuck and slide.In order to ensure the controlled sliding of the tray, damping device, buffer device and delivery separation device need to be installed, so the cost is higher and the maintenance cost is higher.

Shuttle rack

Advantages: the shuttle shelf combines the advantages of a variety of dense storage shelves, lower operation requirements than the driving shelf forklift, higher storage rate than the pressure type, gravity type shelf, higher efficiency than the mobile shelf.The scope of application is wide, no obvious disadvantage is its greatest advantage.It can also realize the automatic transportation of goods on the shelf, with good adaptability. Most problems in intensive storage can be solved, and the function of FIFO can be flexibly selected according to the actual situation.In addition, as the transportation of goods is automated, it is very suitable for cold storage and other warehouses under extreme conditions, so as to reduce personnel activities, improve personnel work efficiency and operation safety.

Technical difficulties and disadvantages: in order to ensure the shuttle to run steadily, the accuracy of shelf, guide and floor have higher requirements.Shuttle is the core component of the system, and its quality is directly related to the after-sales cost of future users.The cost of investment and follow-up maintenance of the system is relatively high, which requires a professional and reliable service team to be responsible for maintenance.

Beam rack

Is the most popular, the most economic form of shelf, safe and convenient, suitable for all kinds of warehouses, direct access to goods.It is the simplest and most widely used shelf.Make full use of space.Convenient pallet access, effective cooperation with forklift loading and unloading, greatly improve the operation

Crossbeam shelf efficiency.Mechanical requirements: counterbalance forklift or stacker.The height stacking machine can increase the ground space utilization rate by 30%, and the operating height can reach more than 16 meters.Characteristics of crossbar shelves: smooth inventory turnover.Can provide 100% selection ability.Increase average pickup rate.Provide quality product protection.Because the crossbeam shelf is suitable for the storage of goods with many varieties and large quantities, in order to facilitate access, the designed roadway will be more, so the ground utilization rate is relatively low.


Peter Lin