Comparing Traditional Warehouse, What’s the Advantage of Automated Warehouse?

In the application of automation technology, it is also showing a booming trend. Then, compared with traditional warehouse, what are the advantages of automated warehouse?


1. Improve the utilization storage area: Traditional warehouse commodity paving is stored in the warehouse. Inevitably, the low precision storage results in the vacancy of usage area , large-area channels are occupied by equipment. While In in an automated warehouse, only the pre-embedded stacker aisles and narrow channel are used to improve the utilization rate of the inner space for the warehouse.


2. Improve the utilization warehouse volume: the traditional warehouse can not realize the automated warehouse function due to the limitation of its material handling equipment, resulting vertical space of the warehouse wasted; even if the ASRS racking is used, the top racking is difficult and dangerous for manpower to put-away and retrieval.


3. Following FIFO : The interface of WMS, WCS with enterprise ERP/SAP/MES management system software can also maintain the first-in-first-out method of storage of goods, eliminating the phenomenon of "the last-in-first-out" in the operation of human factors.

4. The application of fully automatic conveyor system and aisle stacker greatly reduces the workload of warehouse staff, and provides the possibility for warehouse to realize unmanned work. The warehouse is directly connected by the stacker and the automatic conveyor, and the warehouse staff only need to operate the monitoring system from time to time to realize automated storage & retrieval.

5. The dynamic management of goods location reduces the backlog of unsalable materials in warehouse logistics: manual inventory of raw materials in traditional warehouse, visual identification of raw materials by staff, static data material management lead to backlog of raw materials inventory, the material of unsalable products can not be timely feedback, leading to cash "sleeping and depreciation" in warehouse, etc.


Of course, compared with the traditional warehouse, the automated warehouse has many problems, such as large capital investment, high professional knowledge level of warehouse managers, etc. But timely project investment will eventually generate substantial profits for the company. Contact HRD today for getting a tailor-made solution today.


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