Customized AS/RS Solution for e-Commerce

Hubei Liangpin Shop Food Co.,Ltd-Central China New Logistics Center


1. Summary:

E-commerce and third-party logistics are emerging logistics fields, which have developed rapidly and become the focus of the company's future development.

E-commerce is an emerging industry developed in recent years, with explosive growth in business volume. It is characterized by a large number of SKU, a large number of orders, but a small number of orders and a high demand for timeliness.

Order fulfillment is changing rapidly and so is the demand for quicker deliveries.


2. Case design:

Hubei Liangpin Shop Food Co.,Ltd has 12 categories, more than 90 varieties and series,and 1200 single products. According to the development and future business needs of Hubei Liangpin Store,the project plans to complete a comprehensive and intelligent offline and online storage and sorting center including warehousing ,sorting,packaging and customer return processing,realizing the unification of Liangpin logistics information platform,standardization of logistics management and rapid order processing.This case include Racking system:1set;Conveyor system:1set;Computer management monitoring system:1 set.


3. Case details:

--Combined beam rac:Total storage length:103320 meters,19032pcs position

--Stacker Crane: 10 units

-- Gravity Flow Staging Roller: 1450pcs position

--Chain Conveyor: 140 units

--Roller conveyor (including 8 pallet recovery and turnover mechanism):146 units

--Lifting fork type roller conveyor:4 units

--Fork type roller conveyor:7 units

-- Jacking loader: 101units

-- Pallet Recycle Line by Non-powerful Roller Line: 6 lines

-- Single station shuttle: 5 units

--Double station shuttle: 1unit

-- Folding plate machine: 8 units

-- Steel platform: 1 set

-- Reciprocating elevator: 3 units

--LED display: 12 units

--Control system: SIEMENS Fieldbus control system: 1 set

--Management system: Computer management and monitoring system (WCS)



4. Advantages:

• Provide faster shipping times to the East Coast and internationally, Orders are processed through the system in as little as 15 minutes 

• Build a scalable system for future growth, easily scalable by simply adding aisles or introducing additional iBots into the system

• Faster order processing from induction to shipping with less operator

• Improve consistency of packaged kits

• Increase accuracy of products shipped to customer

• Improve operating margins by reducing costs

• Gain productivity in the kit packing process