Development status of automatic warehouse stacking machine

    With the development of warehousing industry, science and technology have been gradually applied to the actual operation of warehouses, and intelligent warehousing has become a region where many e-commerce warehousing equipment giants scramble to arrange. Stacker crane is one of the representative equipment of intelligent warehousing, so how is the development of automatic warehouse stacker in the market?This article will analyze the development of automatic warehouse stacking machine.

    Stacker is the core equipment in automated warehouse system, the mainstream of the current market demand stacker has basically realize the localization of products, each manufacturer on stacker products widely used in the infrared, laser, wireless, servo drive, contactless power supply, and even the RFID technology, such as piling machine using the basic technology, key parts and accessories with the international well-known manufacturers have very close, gm series of technical specifications and technical parameters with foreign products.Most of the Chinese manufacturer is able to product stacker crane with 24 metres high, bearing capacity under 1000 kg, walking speed of 180 m/min, the ability of the stacker, single device can satisfy 45 ~ 50 per hour of in-out warehouse capacity requirements, otherwise a few manufacturer can produce 30 meters high, bearing 4000 kilograms of overload ultra high stacker, on behalf of the stacker frontier technology development of walking speed of over 300 m/min high-speed stacker and only a handful of manufacturers in China completed the technical research.

    At present, China's logistics industry is still lagging behind. Bottlenecks such as small third-party logistics service scale and insufficient logistics infrastructure capacity make China's logistics cost much higher than that of the United States.According to the international commonly used index to measure logistics cost (the ratio of logistics cost to GDP), it is found that the ratio of logistics cost to GDP in the United States is about 8%, while that in China is 18%.As the logistics automation equipment promoting the intermediate link of logistics, its equipment market transformation and upgrading, including automatic warehouse stacker equipment products.Equipment manufacturers have stepped up market development, developing high-end products, upgrading service models and developing emerging markets.With chain retail, e-commerce, medicine, tobacco, express delivery industry rapid development, logistics distribution center number is increased, the stereoscopic warehouse, automatic sorting system, automatic identification system, handheld terminal and equipment system integration demand, systematization of logistics equipment, automation, intelligent, green and energy saving, technical specialization, product industrialization trend is obvious.

In terms of the current situation of China's logistics industry, there has been no such market-oriented giant as UPS.But for China's small, fragmented and chaotic logistics companies, there may be a "bottom line".In the future, intelligent logistics network will exist as such an "underlying system", on which other logistics companies can optimize their own network, improve efficiency or adjust their business models through system data.

    With the continuous improvement of national economy and the rapid growth of tobacco, medicine, machinery and other industries with high demand for automatic warehouse, which is facing a large market demand.Take the pharmaceutical industry as an example. According to the data of the national bureau of statistics, by 2012, there were 6,075 enterprises with the total industrial output value of more than 20 million in China. Based on the demand of 10%, the pharmaceutical industry has the demand for 607 sets of automated stereo warehouses, while the current holding quantity is less than 200 sets.The market value of automated three-dimensional warehouse has exceeded 17 billion yuan. According to the survey of information center of China association of logistics technology, the demand of automated warehousing market will increase by 17% annually in the next few years, and the market size of automated three-dimensional warehouse is expected to exceed 32 billion yuan by 2015.To sum up, it is not difficult to see that at present, domestic automatic warehouse stacker has made great progress, but compared with foreign countries still have a certain gap, but in the broad market prospects and the support of the government, the future development prospects of domestic automatic warehouse stacker is bright and good.


Peter Lin