Exploration of Intelligent Manufacturing Logistics

Recently, logistics technology and application of magazine as the asia-pacific logistics field authoritative media, actively respond to a nation called on, made "smart" pace, based on promoting wisdom logistics development, held in Suzhou with "smart + ecology" as the theme of "the fourth session of the global manufacturing supply chain and logistics technology conference". The seminar attracted experts from the manufacturing and logistics industry, as well as the leading international auto parts production enterprise, enterprise of world industrial group, the international well-known system integrators, software of informatization enterprise, well-known domestic automobile production enterprises, domestic well-known household production enterprise representatives gathered, wonderful to share in the intelligent manufacturing innovation and application of logistics technology, logistics mode, surround furnace manufacturing industry supply chain and ecosystem construction, in-depth the pain points, facing the manufacturing industry logistics Shared vision for the future of the wisdom of the manufacturing industry supply chain and logistics development.


At the meeting, Mr. Gao yuefeng, senior director of technology department of FAW logistics co., ltd. gave a wonderful speech on the topic of "intelligent exploration of manufacturing logistics", which was summarized as follows.


I. FAW logistics

Company profile

The company has a history of 67 years since its establishment. In 2017, FAW group integrated vehicle logistics and parts logistics to form a new FAW logistics company in the whole supply chain of the group, positioning itself as a comprehensive solution provider of the automotive logistics industry. Company has parts division and whole group two big group, has 8 subsidiaries, five major production bases, 13 distribution centers and a distribution center, the future will into 25 distribution centers, 11 storage base, providing customers with the service before, during or after the at the same time, also are actively building a nationwide transport network, the company has 5 a grade logistics enterprise, at the same time, in 2018 by the national development and reform commission and the ministry of commerce, named "national demonstration base of intelligent logistics warehousing".

Technology strategy

Technology strategy formulated the 13431 technology strategy, refers to technology co., led power management, focus on before, during or after business module, based on artificial intelligence, chain blocks, cloud computing and big data, build a set of information solutions, a series of automobile logistics integrated solutions and an expert team one hundred.

II. Automobile logistics informatization, standardization and intelligence.

First, we analyze the technology trends in the industry over the past few years. It includes social changes, supply-side reform, smart city construction, and One Belt And One Road strategy, so as to enable smart logistics and smart manufacturing to go overseas. And from the social aggregate demand and the development of the underlying technology, including the Internet of things, big data, the perfection of the underlying technologies such as artificial intelligence and cost optimization, also has a great influence on the industry, this lets the customer see there's so much technology can choose, also prompted clients to the logistics company to ask for faster, better and more economic. What do logistics companies do? How do logistics companies break the ice in the context of deepening competition? How? The answer is to expand technology investment and upgrade the supply chain system.

Technology trends

We identified and classified the most common technical tools, including basic technologies, tool applications and data applications, and built intelligent laboratories from these three categories.

Intelligent logistics technology research center

In 2018, we established faw logistics technology research center, which verified a total of 8 logistics technologies, emphasizing technology-driven and innovation-driven development to promote the company's development from labor-intensive to technology-driven.So far, it has received more than 30 batches of technical exchanges and discussions with more than 200 person-times nationwide. It is the cooperation base of 5 logistics technology research centers such as FAW, DongFeng and Chang 'an T3.

The intelligent laboratory simulates the whole process technology of unmanned warehouse in the field of spare parts, including: (1) disassembling and stacking of 6-axis robot in storage;(2) intelligent AGV cargo to person system;(3) no forklift;(4) transparent perception bin;5. Projection selection;6. The application of uav;7) application of laboratory control; Today simulation modeling technology.

This year will continue to introduce the vehicle logistics vehicle stereoscopic parking experiments in the field of library, and quick save robot system, code reading code equipment, including automatic line near to cargo system, at the same time, the latest completed the construction of the 5 g communication environment, we need to simulate logistics production site in 5 g communication environment augmented reality, and the application of unmanned technology in the field, continue to test more car unmanned interaction.

Develop intelligent equipment control platform

Technology this year after completing test scenarios, basically can in large range covers a full auto logistics chain technology, some of the details and possibly continue to explore space, these techniques can be extended to the whole manufacturing industry, especially in the industrial manufacturing automation machinery manufacturing, processing industry, the focus of our research is to develop intelligent equipment control platform, through which to control all of the intelligent equipment. At present, the advantage of the control system of various manufacturers in the market is to control their own equipment, but it is difficult to be compatible with competitors and friends, so what we need to do is to integrate and schedule all things that can be done through the central control platform.