Clad-rack ASRS Solution for Frozen Warehouse in China

Wuhan ShanLv Food provides all-round services such as freezing, warehousing, distribution, processing, exhibition, trading and e-commerce; The temperature control in its fully automated warehouse can effectively guarantee the quality of food; Nearly 30,000 pallet locations enable it provide a wide range of products to feed the local market with an comeptitive operation cost.

The project includes a number of innovative technologies and uses more than 20 patented technologies:

Highlight 1 : WMS and Automated Dispatching System are used in the overall operation of the project. Advanced warehouse management system provides a basis for the establishment of modern low-temperature logistics quality tracking system and e-commerce platform. System can reasonably calculate the inventory and inventory rotation, and realize the settlement in frozen warehouse, which is effective. Reduce the cost of leasing; automated inbound and outbound, automatic loading and unloading , so that products are effectively protected, saving customers' loading and unloading costs, saving 70% to 80% of manpower than traditional cold storage, greatly saving the human cost of enterprises.

Highlight 2: The most advanced international clad-rack structure. Racking system in addition to bearing the load of products, but also working as the framework to support the warehouse roof and wall. That is, ASRS racking as building load-bearing structure. Its advantage is that there are no structured columns in the reservoir, which can make the best use of the space in the reservoir. Uprights, beams and connectors form rigid bodies with good integrity and are not easily deformed.


Highlight 3: The enclosure structure uses the injection-molded integral foaming technology invented by our company. The double-sided stainless steel field welding is used to form a fully enclosed cover. The application of this technology eliminates welding seam, completely eliminates the phenomenon of cold bridge, makes the whole automated warehouse like a super-large refrigerator, improves the service life, and greatly reduces energy consumption.


Highlight 4: The stacker crane used for inbound and outound products It is designed and developed independently by  HRD. It can run independently without WMS . The lifting structure is designed without tow chain. The application of servo control system makes its operation speed and stability in the world leading position, far exceeding other domestic technology levels. Multiple stackers are powered by bus. Any stacker and sliding wire can be repaired separately. Its power supply can be cut off separately without affecting the normal operation of other stackers. All the control systems communicate with servo drivers and laser sensors by bus, which greatly improves the stability of communication among various systems and provides reliable guarantee for the normal operation of cold storage.



Highlight 5:  Chain conveyor is used for cargo cross transfer, its technical advantage is that each conveyor can be repaired independently, the power supply can be cut off independently, and it will not affect the normal operation of other conveyors; when there is no pallet, it is prohibited, when the pallet arrives, it starts when the pallet leaves, and stops after the pallet leaves, while saving energy, but also increasing motor bearings service lift. Conveyor itself adopts special design to ensure that the pallet remains relatively static during transshipment, avoiding the phenomenon of slippage and cargo skew when the pallet is transshipped by conventional conveyor. There is no other signal cable connection between conveyors except bus and power line connection, which reduces the occurrence of faults.


Highlight 6: Combined with customer demand and operation situation, HRD developed the first automatic sorting system of the cold chain logistics industry, which greatly improved the sorting speed and efficiency of goods, provided more services to customers, and brought new changes to the cold chain logistics, logistics distribution, central distribution and other modes.

The successful construction and operation of the fully automated cold storage will play an exemplary role in the construction of new Chinese frozen storage, and promote the operation and profitability of the whole cold chain logistics warehousing service industry.