How to get adminstrative permit of building a clad-rack project in China?

Generally speaking, the warehouse construction of "clad-rack " belongs to industrial construction projects, and its approval process for construction projects is roughly the same as that for general industrial construction projects, as follows:


1. Project establishment: It is necessary to obtain approval from relevant management departments (generally approved by the National Development and Reform Commission or local relevant management departments).


2. Submit project planning, including land use planning and project planning.


3. For drawing review, the information to be submitted includes the following:

3.1 Design documents of construction drawings.

3.2 Documents for approval of a project or for approval of a preliminary design.

3.3 Main preliminary design documents.

3.4 Report on the results of Engineering investigation.

3.5 Name of structure calculation book and calculation software.

3.6 Copies of the contract for investigation and design.

3.7 Planned use of building materials.

3.8 Examine other materials needed.


4. Examination of engineering transaction links, including the following:

4.1 Application for construction registration of engineering construction projects.

4.2 Construction project transaction (general bidding procedure).

4.3 Examination of bidding qualifications of tendering units.

4.4 Examination of bidding documents.

4.5 Establishment of bid evaluation organization.

4.6 Record the winning bid.

4.7 Notice of transaction.


5. Examination of engineering supervision, submission of relevant documents and materials for contract filing and quality supervision (in which quality supervision fees are required), including:

5.1 Notice of winning bid of construction supervision unit.

5.2 Construction contract.

5.3 Supervision contract.

5.4 Copy of qualification certificate of survey, design and construction supervision unit.

5.5 Registration Form for Quality Supervision of Construction Projects.

5.6 Report on the examination and approval of construction drawings and design documents.

5.7 Report on the Quality Responsibility System of Construction, Survey, Design and Testing (Testing) Units.

5.8 Report form of quality assurance system for construction and supervision units.

5.9 Geological prospecting data, construction organization design and construction drawing design documents.


6. Examination of engineering safety reports shall include:

6.1 Safety production license for construction enterprises.

6.2 Notice of tender for project.

6.4 Engineering construction contract.

6.5 Use plan and cost plan of safety protection facilities at construction site.

6.6 Planning scheme of temporary facilities on construction site.

6.7 The type and quantity of construction equipment to be entered into the site.

6.8 Plain layout of construction site.

6.9 Procedures for accidental injury insurance for employees of construction enterprises.

6.10 Employment of project managers, safety managers and special operators with certificates.

6.11 Examination of construction of construction projects. Specific materials to be submitted include:


7. Examination of construction of construction projects. Specific materials to be submitted include:

1. Application form for construction permit.

2. The original and photocopy of the construction project application certificate.

3. The original and photocopy of the construction land planning license.

4. The original and photocopy of the construction project planning license.

5. The original and photocopy of the real estate development and operation license (provided by the real estate development project).

6. Proof of the implementation of funds.

7. Examination and approval of construction drawing documents.

8. Notice of Engineering Transaction.

9. Notice of successful bid of construction supervision.

10. Survey, design and construction supervision contract which has been examined and filed.

11. Procedures for quality and safety supervision of construction projects.

12. The contract for the transfer of project completion files.

13. Relevant payment certificate.

14. Other related materials.


Above is generally the whole process of examination and approval for the implementation of a clad-rack project. According to the management requirements of different projects and different regions, the specific process may be different. Nowadays, the process management of engineering construction in our country has been very standardized. In addition, the clad-rack warehouse is often a large-scale investment project, so these necessary administrative approval and management processes need to be done well. The rack-supported structure is similar to the general engineering project in the overall process, but its planning, design and implementation links do contain more unique technical characteristics of this sub-industry.