RADIO SHUTTLE SYSTEM - Your first step to semi-automated cold storage with low investment
At present, with the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of high-quality life, the demand for cold storage is increasing, which also puts forward higher requirements for the design level of cold storage system. In the trend of development, the shelves of refrigeration stores tend to be more intensive, semi-automated/automated. For example, shuttle truck rack system is gradually replacing the traditional drive-in rack system, which is more and more accepted by enterprises.


It is very urgent and difficult to analyze the running reliability of shuttle truck under low temperature, because it involves the selection of various materials, electronic components and processing technology, installation and debugging of products, and most manufacturers also lack product standards and test data for low temperature use, so they need to be constantly analyzed. To explore and improve the design theory and standard comparability test and its standards, such as operation test data and customer application experience report under low temperature environment.


So as the sole distributor of the Italian brand AUTOMHA in China, what unique design experience does HUADE have when comparing with other manufacturers ?


1. Structural strength design: The influence of low temperature environment on structural bearing capacity decline should be considered, and the reliability of the structure in the design temperature range should be verified by calculation or test. Semi-ductile materials can also be verified by fracture mechanics, such as polyurethane wheels in low temperature environment to ensure that there are no unacceptable cracks and performance changes, to ensure the synchronization of coaxial wheels. When the load of HUADE shuttle truck is large, the design of some non-metallic structures needs to be tested and verified. The temperature of material performance test should be lower or equal to the minimum temperature of design.



2. Moisture-proof and steam-proof design: The electrical control part of the low-temperature HUADE shuttle is independent and integrated into a sealed box. There will be no condensation of water vapor in the box unless the temperature drops obviously. When the HUADE shuttle works, electrical components will generate certain heat, which can improve the pressure in the control box and reduce the steam. Gas partial pressure, so that the dew point of the air in the box naturally decreases, the dew point temperature in the box is not easy to reach low, avoiding or slowing down the appearance of condensation imagination, the circuit board of PLC and other electrical boards themselves will be coated to avoid the short circuit of condensation and other faults; it is suggested that parallel circuit be used for main electrical components, and each circuit should be independently protected. The dangerous device realizes overload and short circuit protection to increase the electrical reliability of the HUADE shuttle.



3. Heating and temperature control design: Keeping the temperature in the box always higher than dew point temperature, adding A heater and temperature control equipment (controlling the start and stop of heater, heating when the temperature is lower than the set temperature or condensation temperature, but stopping heating when reaching a certain temperature), can achieve heating and heating effect, and can also achieve the purpose of dehumidification. Experience shows that the temperature inside and outside of the electric control box will differ by more than 10 ~15. In order to save and prolong the use efficiency of lithium batteries, the temperature setting of the temperature controller should be lower to ensure the temperature inside the control box. If the degree is not more than 0 C, sufficient adjustable temperature margin should be retained as far as possible.



4. Special Requirements and Design: For the HUADE shuttle used in some special environments, it is necessary to place moisture absorbent and activated carbon in the electric control box to absorb the vapor in the air, but pay attention to periodic replacement of moisture absorbent and activated carbon, so as to maintain good adsorption performance. Low temperature PLC and low temperature electrical components can also be selected for the HUADE shuttle vehicle used in some special environments. As the viscosity of lubricating oil increases greatly with the decrease of temperature, it is very important to select lubricating media for various transmission parts, including bearing grease, which also meets the fluidity and lubricity at low temperature. It will also affect the motion performance of the HUADE Shuttle.