Shuttle system’s advantage and types

The shuttle is a kind of equipment that comes along with the automatic logistics system and the automatic warehouse.

The shuttle can be very convenient to realize automatic connection with other logistics systems, such as entry and exit platforms, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators and robots, etc., to carry out material transportation according to the plan. The shuttle storage system combines the traditional shelf with high-precision guide rail, which enables the shuttle to run smoothly on it. The guide rail also undertakes the functions of goods transportation and goods storage, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of storage space.


The shuttle storage system can realize FIFO(first in first out), FILO(first in last out) and other operationsmostly be used in Food, chemical, Household appliances, pharmacy, building board, etc.


The shuttle storage system has extensive application as customer’s warehouse requirement: Carrier & Shuttle, Shuttle & stacker, Multidirectional shuttle.

Here are some cases of our client’s warehouse:

1. Carrier & Shuttle system high density storage

-- Double-Crane Pharmaceutical

Pallet Position: 25190

Height of the warehouse: 12.4 meters

Industry: Pharmacy

Location: Xi An,China


2. Shuttle & Stacker

--Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar-Industry Co., Ltd


Pallet Position: 9600(for stacker system)+10659(for shuttle system)

Height of the warehouse: 22.5 meters

Industry: Food

Location: Zhenjiang, China


3. Multidirectional shuttle

Four way shuttle,

Intelligent four-way shuttle is a set of four-way running, in-situ rail change, automatic handling, intelligent monitoring and traffic dynamic management and other functions in one intelligent handling equipment. It can drive along the longitudinal or transverse track direction on the cross track to any designated cargo space in the warehouse. It is not restricted by the site. It can adapt to a variety of working environments. It greatly reduce the company's labor costs, improve storage efficiency.



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