The present situation and development trend of automatic logistics equipment

With the further development of e-commerce, express delivery logistics industry is also facing a golden period of rapid development and transformation and upgrading.The traditional logistics industry that relies on quantity to win begins to enter the era of "quality to win".To improve the quality of express logistics service, in addition to the promotion of personnel, it is very important to develop automatic logistics equipment and technology.

I. Development status of logistics automation equipment

Traditional logistics can be divided into three types: the first type is transportation, including air transportation, railway, road transportation and sea transportation.The second type is warehousing;The third type is transit center or logistics center.Most traditional logistics enterprises take warehousing and transportation as their main logistics business, and regard warehousing and transportation as two independent links, so the logistics function is simple, the system is poor, and the overall benefit is low.

II.The development trend of logistics automation equipment


Automatic logistics equipment can be divided into several categories according to its functions: automatic storage equipment, automatic transportation and sorting equipment, automatic handling equipment, etc. Sorting equipment, AGV, stacking machine, conveyor, shuttle vehicle (RGV) and other representative products.

1.Sorting and conveying equipment technology


With the rapid development of domestic logistics equipment technology, a large number of domestic equipment manufacturers have emerged, and professional manufacturing enterprises have also emerged for sorting and conveying equipment, and large-scale production has been formed.For example, the automatic sorting system favored by major e-commerce platforms at present: luhui ball module with sorting system.This system is applied in the matrix sorting line of e-commerce and express delivery. Compared with other types of sorting equipment, the processing type range will be broader, the processing capacity will be higher and the sorting efficiency will be higher, which is 2.5 times more than the manual speed and the sorting accuracy reaches 99.99%.In nondestructive sorting, the rate of damage is also very low, cargo damage rate is less than 1 in 10,000.

2.AGV product technology


As a relatively new product in logistics equipment, AGV has become one of the key points in logistics equipment industry in recent years. The development of AGV technology in China has gone through the stages of introducing technologies or undertaking engineering development based on foreign technology platforms, and reaching the stage of independent development and mastering core technologies. At present, some logistics enterprises have been applied in small scale, but the algorithm of AGV is complex, and there is still a long way to go to large-scale application in the future.

3. Stacker product technology


Stacker is the core equipment in automated warehouse system, the mainstream of the current market demand stacker has basically realize the localization of products, each manufacturer on stacker products widely used in the infrared, laser, wireless, servo drive, contactless power supply, and even the RFID technology, such as piling machine using the basic technology, key parts and accessories with the international well-known manufacturers have very close, GM series of technical specifications and technical parameters with foreign products.


Grace Yu