The principle of shuttle

The principle of shuttle inventory is that the shuttle is placed on the shuttle track under the pallet. Under the guidance of the remote control command, the lifting platform faces upward and lifts the pallet unit to run to the destination. Then, the items on the pallet are stored in the cargo space or removed from the cargo space.

The loading principle of the shuttle truck is that the pallet unit is placed in the front of the roadway guide rail of the shuttle truck shelf by a forklift or a piler.The shuttle moves the pallets deep in the shelves to the front of the shelves. The shuttle can be placed on different tracks with a forklift or piler.The number of shuttle vehicles is determined by comprehensive factors such as roadway depth, total amount of cargo and delivery frequency.

The shuttle has fast running speed and high storage density, which can not only improve the logistics efficiency and space utilization rate, but also greatly save labor and storage area, good flexibility and easy expansion. It is because of these factors that the shuttle has been favored by many industries and applied more and more widely.Jiuwei warehouse today introduces the practical application of shuttle from several main application areas.

1.Cold chain industry

Shuttle application in the cold chain industry can improve operating efficiency;Efficient use of land;Clear inventory management, at any time to simply grasp the storage location and existing stock;To ensure the quality of the goods in stock, to prevent the damage of the goods due to handling and quality deterioration due to expiration;Ensure safe operation, reduce inventory cost and prevent waste.

2.Retail industry

Generally, the entry and exit of the retail industry are very frequent. In the face of massive orders, the application of shuttle can make the whole storage system run stably at high speed and realize accurate access to goods.At the same time, the intelligent picking platform is optimized and designed based on the principle of ergonomics, so that the picking operation has the shortest identification time, the lowest action frequency, the smallest action amplitude, the largest single batch of orders, and it is compatible with both B2B and B2C businesses.In addition, the shuttle system makes full use of the space of the warehouse, which is equivalent to the storage efficiency of two or three ordinary warehouses. Therefore, the floor space is greatly reduced compared with the traditional warehouse system.More importantly, it enables the storage of goods fast in and out, and very accurate.

3.Home furnishing industry

In the home furnishing industry, the shuttle can be equipped with stacker, conveying line, high shelf and other equipment to realize intensive storage in the home furnishing industry according to the assembly line requirements of finished goods and accessories of customers.The shuttle can run on a set of tracks in a multi-tier shelf, using its own gripper fork to take out the bin with the parts on the shelf and put it in the designated exit position, while the bin in the entry position can be stored in the designated cargo space.

4.Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the operation efficiency of the warehouse can be greatly improved through the coordination of shuttle vehicles and elevators and other equipment, and the warehouse capacity and throughput can be improved with high flexibility and automation, and the flexible design of the system.The advanced storage system can help pharmaceutical enterprises greatly improve the efficiency of order processing, and reduce the time of processing large orders to half of the original.

5.Power industry

The electric power industry mainly stores electric power materials, but due to the different shapes of electric power materials, the storage space waste is serious, and the electric power storage network is numerous, resulting in redundant storage of materials, there are many kinds of electric power materials, large quality, high intensity of operation and other problems.The unified dispatching and management of electric power materials is realized by using shuttle vehicles with stacker, AGV and manipulator.The scheme adopts the design concept of centralized storage and unified scheduling, realizing automatic material handling, intelligent picking and economical storage, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity of personnel and the error rate of operation.At the same time, the standardized operation of the central warehouse of electric power materials is realized, and the operation cost is reduced.It can completely solve and reduce the overall material inventory, regional centralized reserve, optimize warehousing and distribution, improve warehousing efficiency and emergency support capacity.

To sum up, under the social trend of rapid development, intelligent warehousing logistics has gradually replaced traditional warehousing logistics. Based on its flexible characteristics, the shuttle can be combined with various forms of storage systems according to the actual storage needs of different industries, so as to realize a complete set of modern intelligent warehousing systems.


Peter lin