There are several points to note when choosing WMS warehouse management software in pharmaceutical industry.

Now many industries are using WMS warehouse management software, when using WMS warehouse management software need to pay attention to what?

The pharmaceutical WMS warehouse management software system integrates seamlessly with the customer ERP system through EDI interface, receives the customer purchase and sales orders in real time, plans the transportation resources, purchases the drugs to store, checks the quality of the drugs, puts on shelves and selects the drugs according to the plan, sells and delivers the goods; Can support the pharmaceutical business daily nearly 1,000 orders of sales. Pharmaceutical WMS warehouse management software products with the power of science and technology to help pharmaceutical enterprises sales take-off.

1) Through the refined operation standard management and verification mechanism of WMS warehouse management software system, improve the refined management level of product name specification, approval number, manufacturer, batch expiration period and storage location;

2) Realize the sharing of information of storage and transportation links to procurement, sales, financial departments, suppliers and receiving outlets, and complete the rapid transmission of information and network operation;

3) Support batch expiry period adjustment, package change, abnormal drug locking and unlocking, etc.

4) Optimize the efficiency and accuracy of shelf listing, goods picking, delivery and review;

5) Release logistics, human resources and labor, and improve the utilization rate of resources.


Grace Yu