What are warehouse manager doing in an intelligent warehouse?

Warehouse management is the organization, supervision, control and accounting activities of all kinds of materials in, out and storage.The quality of intelligent storage management is related to maintaining the safety of enterprise property, avoiding injury,timely and accurate material supply. It plays an important role in the rational use of materials, accelerating enterprise capital turnover, reducing product costs and reducing circulation costs.It is an important part of enterprise material management.
The advantages of intelligent storage are various. For enterprises, it can be reflected in the following aspects:
1. Improve space utilization;
2. Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics system, improve the level of enterprise production management;
3. Speed up the storage and retrieval of goods, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency;
4. the symbol of a modern enterprise.
What is the duties of warehouse managers after the use of intelligent storage system?
1. Check and accept materials in and out of the warehouse, keep accounts and issue them in accordance with regulations, and make sure that the accounts are consistent with each other;
2. Know inventory status at any time, ensure timely supply of materials and equipment, and make sure the turnover efficiency;
3. Regularly clean up the warehouse, keep the warehouse tidy and beautiful, and make the materials orderly in classification and quantity accurate;
4. Familiar with the varieties, specifications, models and performances of the  materials;
5. Check the warehouse firefighting, security facilities, solve problems in time;
6. Complete other work given by the superior manager.
The use of intelligent storage has incomparable advantages in maximizing the use of space, meeting production requirements to the maximum extent, reducing labor intensity of workers, improving production efficiency, strengthening production and material management, and reducing inventory backlog.
Advanced intelligent warehouse management can help warehouse operation in the best condition.First of all, the accuracy of inventory exceeds 99%, eliminating manual quality inspection. Through the data collection to identify, the warehouse can process multiple orders at the same time which make high efficiency of storage.


Peter Lin