What does radio shuttle consist of?

A radio shuttle is mainly composed of vehicle body system, conveying device, location device, guide rail system, safety protection device, electrical device and shuttle dispatching management.  

Body system

The body system of shuttle is mainly composed of frame body, driving device and decorative cover.Frame body is the main body of bearing other parts, mainly formed by welding shaped steel.The driving device consists of a driving shaft, a driving wheel and a motor.The high tech polyurethane material is adopted which not only improves the abrasive resistance  of the wheel, but also reduces the friction between the wheel and the travelling wheel, thus extending the service life of the wheel.In addition, the car body can be designed into a double car body according to the overall process flow needs, to meet the needs of the double position.  

Conveying device

The conveying device is the conveying part of the material, which is installed on the car body and the frame adopts steel structure. According to the form of materials, roller conveyor, chain conveyor and belt conveyor can be selected. At the same time, according to the overall process flow needs, double conveyor can be designed to meet the needs of double position conveyor, which can greatly improve the conveying capacity.

Location device

The location device is the locating signal device of the shuttle station.The location device has chain type, synchronous belt type, friction wheel type coding recognition, as well as laser recognition, bar code recognition and other ways, according to different electronic control mode for selection.The accuracy and reliability of the location device directly affect the positioning accuracy and running stability of radio shuttle..

Guide rail system

The guide rail system is composed of guide rail and stopper, which is the basis and guide of radio shuttle. There are 2 types of guide rail, one is light rail, another is professional aluminum guide rail. Both guides are equipped with stops, including bumpers and brackets, installed at both ends of the track to prevent the shuttle from running off the track in unexpected circumstances.The track type is selected according to the operating capacity requirements of the equipment and the investment cost.

Safety protection device

A shuttle is equipped with safety distance detection device and obstacle detector, if it detected abnormal situation in the settle scope. It will emit an audible and visual alarm until it stops running, safety protection device can not affect the normal operation of the shuttle, effective protection of operating personnel and the safety of the goods when they enter the shuttle area, and effectively prevent damage to the shuttle itself.

Electrical equipment

The electrical device consists of PLC, frequency conversion driver, photoelectric switch, encoder, bar code identifier and so on. Different walking speeds are equipped with different electronic control modes. At present, the speed and displacement are commonly controlled by double closed-loop. There are three power supply modes of shuttle: flexible cable power supply, sliding contact line power supply and contactless power supply.

Transfer management system

The shuttle transfer management system consists of computer, communication card, scheduling management software and communication software.The shuttle is equipped with PLC, which is responsible for the control of single shuttle bus, such as walking, turning, location and conveying.The shuttle bus and shuttle scheduling system are configured to realize timely and free communication by using profibus-DP bus.




Peter Lin