What problems can warehouse management solve using WMS?

Warehouse is the most important place in the whole supply chain of an enterprise, which needs to be managed well. Now many warehouse management USES WMS, what problems can be solved by using WMS?

Problem 1: the area management is not clear, the goods are piled up disorderly, did not carry on the partition management, causes the warehouse location to be not placed enough, the goods search difficulty.

WMS solution: library area Settings. The warehouse is divided and named into different regions. The warehouse area and location information is included in the storage system, and the number of seats is then put on the shelf for the operation of goods. The location and corresponding information of goods are clarified, and a reasonable and effective goods management system is developed. For example, it can be set as: warehouse location = location + shelf location + goods location or warehouse location = location + goods location + shelf location, the warehouse location = 2a-05-03 represents the third floor of the fifth shelf in zone A on the 2nd floor.

Problem 2: the accounts in the warehouse are unorganized and have no logic.

WMS solution: the warehouse management system supports the function of expense management. Customers can make the items and templates of expenses by themselves, and prepare and generate bills according to their actual situation. The final financial audit result of the last level is taken as the final result.

Problem 3: the inventory control and material reserve is not reasonable enough, the inventory is not accurate.

WMS solution: the introduction of stock operation specifications, reasonable and effective inventory operations. In general, functional modules for inventory management in warehouse management are all limited to the maximum and minimum value of stocks, which are defined by warehouse managers. In subsequent management, the system will automatically remind managers of the inventory status according to the amount of inventory.

Problem 4: warehouse management personnel's business level is low, picking goods by experience, resulting in new employees difficult to use, and old employees avoid the key, pick orders more serious situation. Warehouse management system is not clear, resulting in the lack of normative management.

WMS solution: reduce the dependence on the old staff, train the warehouse management staff regularly, develop incentive measures, mobilize the staff's enthusiasm, set up a reasonable management, and clearly divide the work responsibilities of each staff in the warehouse. According to different operational attributes, standardized process system is formulated, mutual supervision mechanism is established, reward and punishment mechanism is established, warehouse area is divided, inventory system is established and other relevant systems are established to standardize warehouse management and improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

Problem 5: goods damage is serious, return big loophole.

WMS solution: strengthen warehouse management and supervision, reduce the loss of goods.

Problem 6: low efficiency of warehouse operation, too long time to find goods, time-consuming and inaccurate inventory.

WMS solution: introduce efficiency WMS system to improve the efficiency of warehouse management


Grace Yu