Why Clad-rack Warehouse is not popular in China?

The clad-rack has more advantages than the stand-alone PEB warehouse, but its developing in China is not so fast as other automated warehouse storage solutions. Two main factors restricting its promotion:


1. Technical factors


Clad-rack itself as the support of the warehouse has higher requirements for the design of racking and the selection of materials. It not only considers the static load of the goods and the dynamic load brought by the handling equipment, but also considers the factors that need to be taken into account in the architectural design, such as wind load, snow load, earthquake load and roof maintenance load. It is necessary to plan, design and calculate the structure reasonably for the influence of the above factors and the bearing capacity of other public engineering equipment. Due to the lack of mature technology system in China, only small-scale and small-scale case application has brought certain impact on the promotion of integrated technology of storage shelf. With the successful completion of 100,000 pallet locations clad-rack crane ASRS done by Nanjing Supplier Huaruide (HRD in short),its exciting to see more and more global customer paying attention to their designing and implementation ability.

2. Political factors


At present, there is no norm to follow for the rack-supported warehouse, and there is no clear basis for its classification as a building or as a equipment. There are still some uncertainties in policy in various places. This poses a difficult problem for users to locate in the early stage of plan planning. For example, according to the classification of buildings, additional procedures such as project establishment, approval and so on need to be added. Because there is no clear criterion to follow, the difficulty of approval can be imagined, which to some extent limits its further promotion and application.


Based on the above reasons, it will take some time for the clad rack warehouse to be popularized in China. With the increasing number of successful cases in China and the development of racking technology, the related enterprises will be more and more capable in design, manufacture and installation, and the application of clad rack warehouse will be more and more extensive. At the same time, the mature application of this technology will be further promoted by actively drawing lessons from the international application. It is believed that in the near future, the clad rack warehouse will have a bright prospect of comprehensive promotion.