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Pharmacy & Healthcare: On-time order fulfillment and 100 percent accuracy -every time


When it comes to hande and store pharmaceuticals, health and safety are critical concerns. The customers demand

fast oder fufillment and 100 percent accuracy - every time. The industry requires conveying small items and totes at

various speed with high efficiency. Meantime, the most products are small size but high value. How to minimize the

damage and eliminate order errors, how to deliver with accuracy and efficiency are the top challenge for the today's

pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. HUARUIDE has specialized equipment and software to meet these

stringent requirements. Our warehouse automation provide real-time insight for quality control without the need for

human contact with the substances that are being manufactured. In the automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) and

warehouse management system (WMS), you will find it combines smaller footprints, less labor, working with a variety

of scalable and modular designs.


Pharmacy & Healthcare includes: Medical Supply Distribution, Pharmaceutical and Supplement Fufillment, Medical

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