Huaruide’s storage and retrieval system for boxes (MiniLoad AS/RS) adopt high dynamic value, high efficiency and energy saving driving technology, provides flexible and fast storage and retrieval for trays, turnover boxes, cases, cartons and bins.



Bellowing 3 basic lines of stacker crane, each with different speeds and equipment on the services required.
Fork Extractor

With plate extend under load. Available in both single-deep and double-deep configurations.
Side-hook extractor

Extendable side clamps with roller conveyor. Perfect for dynamic storage of varying load sizes.
Dual stacker cranes

Two stacker cranes operate in the same aisle by dispatching system, apply for high-efficiency, multi-stations logistics systems.


Frontal header

U-shaped circuit located at the end of racking. Ideal for high-frequency storage/retrieval and picking operations. Goods are replenished in this picking position itself.
Live pallet racking with pick-to-light

Live pallet racking (also called gravity rack) incorporate pick to light systems for the paperless preparation of orders, and the roller conveyors to facilitate the preparation and transportation of boxes.