Comparing with in traditional radio shuttle system, single direction shuttle need to interface with forklift frequently, pallet four way shuttle relies on its own structure, achieves double coordinate movement. It provide a efficient, directly access solution from X and Y axis for entire layer goods’ storage and retrieval.  
Through more intelligent collaboration between four way shuttle and stacker crane, the full pallets automated handling, storage and retrieval, inventorying, movement are fulfilled. Pallet four way shuttle is widely used in chain stores, e-commerce, medical, tobacco, express since it has better performance in increasing warehousing demand on storage density, space utilization, and intelligence.

Technical Features:

1. It has safety and obstacle avoidance design, it will stop and alarming when there’s foreign material or goods fell down from pallet.

2. It is high degree of automation, supporting hand-held terminal and fully automated two modes. Its movement trajectory simulation system implements shuttles free and efficient scheduling.

3. It has high stability with international well-known driving system, electric motor and sensor. The goods storage in better position by pallet guiding rail and accurate positioning.

4. With high-capacity lithium ion batteries, it has excellent battery life, low voltage alarming, over voltage alarming.


It can reduce the investment on warehousing automation, increase storage utilization;
It can arrive to any position in warehouse by four way movement
It can be power monitored and charge automatic charging (multilevel threshold control)

Pallet Four Way Shuttle