Robot palletizer is an intelligent and high efficient stacking machine.  Because of it’s dexterous and light mechanical structure and flexible operating mode, is replacing frame mechanical palletizer, become the more and more factory’s wise choice.
Robot palletizer is mainly designed for package application, its jointed-arm occupied less space, is convenient for integrate into package process. In the meantime, the robot handle the goods transportation through arms, make the material and later palletizer flexible coombined, drastically reduced packaging time and improved production efficiency.

Robot palletizer has high accuracy, it grab the goods very accurately, and quick response. All the palletizing and driving movement through servo and related control system realized. They can do repeat programming through off-line programming, according to different batches realize different palletizing mode’s fast switching. One robot palletizer can fulfill several lines’ working together.

Performance Parameters:

Structure Mode: Abb, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kuka
Palletizie Good Condition: bags, cartons
Palletizing Mode: as request
Palletizing speed: 600-1200 nos/hour
Maximum Pallet DImension: 1200mm×1000mm
                        1400mm × 1200mm
Palletize Height:  Maxmimum 1800mm
Palletize Wight: Maximum 200kg
Robot Claw:  clamp, fork, sucker, etc.
Memorization: standard 30 categories, maximum 400.


1.Robot has strong digital operation function, high accurate operation to realize fast loading, palletizing and depalletizing.
2.In production line, the loading, palletizer and depalletizer robot can be rationally distributed, the ideal solution is one robot responsible for two or more lines working at the ends.
3.The servo motor, programmable controller, frquency transformer all is first-clss brands, the hardware realibility and service life can be guaranteed.
4.High quality hardware works perfectly with Huaruide designed control software, achieved high degree of system automation. We also offer complete interlock mechanism for equipment and operators protection.
5. Huaruide excellent technican, stable and realible products quality, service improve the workshop automation level.

Robot Palletizer