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Warehousing Solution to high-volume SKUs

Beverage industry markets present several specific challenges — 


Diary, Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, and more. But no matter the market, new brands and flavors are essential ingredient for the beverage industry. Manufacturers and distributors have to expand on current space or look for more storage facility in order to keep up with product diversity, lightweight packaging and more. Before, the high-volume SKUs were basically stored in bulk by stacking two to four pallets on the floor, while slower moving SKUs were stored in standard storage racking. In the beverage manufacturing industry, this is a common application because many pallets of the same item are produced on a production line which allows the storage lanes to be filled up without mixing productions lots. Today, many warehouses can get twice as many cases stored per square foot using the latest in storage strategy optimization.


We know what challenges that beverage industry facing today, therefore we design customized warehouse automated storage solutions by deep lane pallet storage systems, which provide high density and ability to support shipping, layer picking and case picking operations; pallet shuttle technology, conveyor and automated case picking to manage these challenges.


HUAYIDE solutions in Food & Temperature industry include:


Multi Deep Pallet ASRS 

Warehouse Mangement System / Warehouse Control System (WMS/ WCS)

Conveyor System

Order Fulfill Solutions

Pallet Flow System