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Warehousing logistics


Refers to bulk storage of bulk materials and goods in pallets. The automated warehouse adopts mechanized operation and information dispatching method, is widely recognized and applied by the society as advanced storage mode.Automated warehouse advantages.


The seamless connection of various handling machines realizes the unmanned operation of the whole warehouse, thereby reducing labor costs and avoiding risks of personnel safety hazards and cargo breakage.



Information recognition technology and the supporting software system realize the information management in warehouse, system knows goods in stock real-time trends and realize dispatch by information system.



Storage height can reach more than 20m, aisle and goods are almost the same width, this kind of high density storage method greatly improves land utilization ratio.



The throughput of each aisle can reach 70 pallets/ hour, much higher than forlift truck, so as to improve operating efficiency, decrease operating cost.


Application fields:

Large varetis, bulk storage, high throughput requirement

Picking rquirement on goods (First in, First out, Designate outound ) Required to connect with automation lines

Aee no sutabli tor manual prtin cold soage high teperetue warehuse, eposio poor soa9 fragl cargo storage

Display lgistis and production cabilit, improve corporate image