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Spare Parts

As no two clients are alike, we provide a total custom solution that matches your own economic, technical and future

organizational requirement.

Extra quantity of the wearing parts will be provided along with the Automated Storage and Retrieval System for free.

Meantime, a detailed spare parts brand name, specification, price will be listed during production to make sure parts

are immediately available during the start-up of your automated material handling system or replacing spare parts

After commissioning, the terms of your negotiated service level agreement determine the immediate availability of

parts. Our support packages include options for keeping parts for your system on hand at our factory or directly at

your site.



Huaruide is committed to the quality and reliabilityt of all our products.

Although your Automated Storage and Retrieval System can generate Return On Investment in about three years,

proper Maintenance Service further maximize this investment and can lead to a system lifespan of more than 25

years, thus lowering the total cost of ownership and providing long-term operational efficiencies.

We'll design a custom Maintenance Service package to sustain your productivity and efficiency levels during the

entire life-cycle of your system. It will be including detailed reports and recommendations for any necessary

adjustments or corrective actions.

Preventative service and maintenance is a key ingredient to keeping your system in pristine condition as when it

was first installed. Huaruide offers full service programs including a 24/7/365 hotline, preventative maintenance

programs, inspection packages, individual spare parts management and numerous options for scheduling plant

maintenance. Customers receive discounted hourly rates if they are under a service contract for preventative

maintenance inspections (PMI) and service support agreements (SSA). These customers also receive priority in the

event of multiple customer emergencies.