Who Are We


Advanced Intralogistics Solution Provider

Committed to your success since 1993

HUAYIDE is the China leading warehouse ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval System) manufacturer and integrator.

We deliver fully automated warehouse system, intralogistics solutions for Distribution Centers and Production Facilties.

Whether it's maximizing storage, double the throughput, product retrieval, reducing the logistics costs, optimize material

flow or rotating products, HUAYIDE is ready to find the right solution fit for your business type.


Most equipment/technologies we using in our solutions are fully developed, engineered, produced and executed by us,

we develop flexible solutions tailored to various need from clients with rapid response to intimate and thoughtful after-

sales service. Strongly driven towards technical innovation, HUAYIDE pay special focus on equipment manufacturing,

including AS/RSs, High Density Storage Shuttle Rack System, Pallet Conveying, Picking & Sorting system, Automatic

Trailer Loading System (ATLS).


We are constantly looking for Regional Partners I System Integrators located in worldwide markets. For partners and

integrators, we offer discount to increase competitive, provide warranty to guarantee quality, promote training to enhance

value, work closely and face together the challenges of the future and to reach cutting edge solutions, going beyond and

making innovation real.


What we do ?

Pallet Type Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Unitload AS/RS)

Box/ Container/ Crate/ Case Type Automated Storage and Retrieval System (Miniload AS/RS)

Shuttle Storage & Sequencing system

Rack-supported building type AS/RS

Semi-automated Raido Shuttle System

Electrical Mobile Racking System

Floor conveying & sortation system

Automatic Truck/Trailer Loading System


In HUAYIDE, you'll get turnkey solutions for engineering & consulting,design & manufacturing, implementation &

training, commissioning & after-sale service. With the best throughput capacity to really in-house all your warehousing

requirements, grow your business in a cost effective way.


Why choose us?

Complete mastery of the process

Self-developed, engineered, produced and installed;


Very competitive pricing

Manufacturing in Asia save you up to 50%!

Integrated by us save you up to 25% more!


Successful cases backup

Projects in various industries ready for you to visit;

We upgrade on existing successful experience;



Instant communication are available 24/7/365;

Solutions for RFQ shall be obtainable within 36 hours;


Professional team work

We care and carry out your every single requirement;

We trained our engineers to speak English;


Reliable & Flexible

We study your market local regulations to comply with;

Credible backup documents for your evaluation;